Princess Nokia Cancels Show, Leaves Social Media to Focus on Activism

Princess Nokia will be MIA all week

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Aaron Stathum

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Aaron Stathum

Princess Nokia will be MIA all week. She’s not sick or going on vacation. The New York City rapper is taking time off to refocus her energy on more pressing matters. Yesterday, the Puerto Rican artist posted a lengthy letter on Instagram about her reasons behind canceling a show in Mexico City and why she would leave social media.

“Due to the recent travesties that are affecting the geopolitical spectrum in America and its people, I feel it is my obligation to refocus my energy on helping and creating affecting change in the most efficient way possible,” she said.

Her show in Mexico City was scheduled to take place tomorrow at Indie Rocks, a week-long anniversary celebration that includes performances by Zola Jesus, Deerhoof, Antibalas, and more.

She goes on to say that her decision is “deeply rooted in my personal overriding conflict for the need of involvement in this humanitarian crisis, occurring in America and Puerto Rico. I am taking this week off to repurpose my focus and energy into reeducating myself on the issues that are affecting our society at hand.”

Read her entire statement below.

The rapper says she wants to “fulfill her role as a leader” in her community, which is such a commendable thing to do. So many celebrities are quick to speak on a topic that they don’t really know or don’t understand the severity.

We’re sure Princess Nokia will, like she said, reeducate herself, in order to not only help in anyway she can but be able to form insightful opinions and tell others about what’s going on.

She also reached out to her friends via Insta stories asking them if they wanted to help organize.

Photo: Instagram/princessnokia

After reading her statement, we’re so curious about what her process this week will be and that in itself is already getting the conversation started on Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the U.S., which is where it should be.

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