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Rosie Mercado is a multi-talented and empowering Latina encouraging you to “live your best authentic life!” With the kind of presence that commands a room, Mercado is set to take the stage on her newest venture that debuted this September as a Life Coach on a ground-breaking new show called Face the Truth, produced by

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Rosie Mercado is a multi-talented and empowering Latina encouraging you to “live your best authentic life!” With the kind of presence that commands a room, Mercado is set to take the stage on her newest venture that debuted this September as a Life Coach on a ground-breaking new show called Face the Truth, produced by Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw’s Stage 29 Productions. This impresionante belleza will be tackling the tough issues alongside a distinguished panel as they provide real solutions for guests from all walks of life.

“My biggest vision is to really create an impact,” Mercado tells HipLatina.  “De Latinos a Otro Latinos lo más importante es el Apoyo, to really unite and make an impact.” This Latina powerhouse is spearheading the path to making a difference in the way we not only view the world but ourselves, with impactful and motivational advice for some of the toughest issues she has tackled head on. An advocate for “transforming societal norms so that all are valued and accepted,” Mercado is fueled by the downfalls that she experienced in life. She has risen from those to become a true voice of empowerment on an international level.

“Understanding every choice in your life dictates your future. You can’t live in the past or have anxiety about the future. Really make sure you understand where you want to go, who you are, what you want to create, and that it does not matter how many failures you had, it’s a matter of choice, persistence, and clarity.” Mercado shares on what inspires her. “I think a lot of people find themselves through life making good decisions and bad decisions and when they make those bad decisions their either ashamed or they don’t know who to share it with or how to transform or grow from that.” It’s facing this truth that makes Mercado sharing her story and paying it forward all the more dynamic.

Having tackled issues such as the journey of her 240-pound weight loss, and her divorce all set the stage for this trailblazing Latina to be a prominent voice of empowerment channeled through as a leading expert life coach today. Crediting Tony Robbins and Gary Vee are two of her biggest sources of inspiration, she also gives credit to her father for motivating her.

“My father, Mexicano, orgulloso, my dad was always about self-improvement and education. You have to educate yourself if you want to get to different places,” shared Mercado. “You’re a masterpiece, and that masterpiece is created day by day by adding value, respecting yourself, loving yourself, and educating yourself.” Mercado shared a powerful message by Vee that she credits as a light in her life, and the biggest three words that impacted her—you will win. 

“I needed someone to be the light, someone to believe in me, give me those words of wisdom, speak faith over my life, and that catapulted me into the next series of my life which is what I’m living now,” she says. 

Debuting this September, Mercado alongside a panel of distinguished hosts which includes Vivica A. Fox, will be touching on hard-core issues separating fact from fiction and keeping it real on the CBS show Face the Truth. But her impact doesn’t stop there. This Las Vegas mother of three, plus-size model, brand ambassador, lifestyle coach is on a mission to encourage and empower all women and in the fall of 2019 will be sharing her story worldwide through a memoir in both English and Spanish by Harper One and Harper Español

“My mess is my message. It’s about helping others transform their lives as I transformed my life, and for me it’s really about empowering women that have been through heartbreak, lost their businesses, that don’t know where they’re going, who immigrated to the U.S. and trying to find themselves, who are single moms dealing with kids with special needs,” shared Mercado. “I want to empower those women to get up, stand up, show up, and find their power!”

Never thinking she would become a lifestyle coach, Mercado shared it was something she transformed into. “The doors opened, I stepped into that greatness, someone believed in me, and I have mentors that educate me on a daily,” she adds. Her biggest dream, Mercado went on to share, was becoming a plus-size model, and it’s something this breathtaking beauty has achieved and surpassed. In November 2017 she launched a capsule collection for curvy women size 12-24 with the brand LYONYSS NYC. Mercado was also excited to share her newest chic collection now available for all sizes.

“I want to celebrate women in their entirety and dress all types of bodies. Right now I find myself doing things I absolutely love with a huge source of gratitude and fulfillment. It’s about creating wisdom and paying it forward with impact. That for me is the biggest blessing. I want to leave a generational legacy for my kids. That they always are reminded that kindness and caring always win. It’s not about opening the doors just for me but opening the doors and bringing people with me,” shared Mercado.

As an advocate for many issues, Mercado is definitely passionate about “knowing your why” when you’re transforming your life. “You have to have a bigger why, a bigger motivation to really transform your life. It’s not just about the weight-loss, it’s about health, about vitality, about energy, movement, it’s about freedom, it’s about living things that you’ve never lived before, and for that you have to have energy,” shared Mercado. “In order to have energy you have to be great spiritually, mentally, psychologically, and physically. That means taking care of all those areas by what you eat, who you spend time with, by exercise, by taking care of yourself, self-care is not negotiable, it is a priority!”

This Latina Influencer is not only motivating you to find your own healthy, but encouraging you to step up and take control of your life to create anything you can imagine. To keep up with this “Raw, Real, and Relatable” Bellaza, follow Mercado along on her journey here:

Facebook: @MsRosieMercado

Instagram: @RosieMercado

Twitter: @Msrosiemercado

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