There’s A Selena-Themed Cruise and Chris Perez Is Performing

We know that summer is yet to officially kick off but we’re already planning an incredible fall excursion

Photo: Unsplash/@mimaworld

Photo: Unsplash/@mimaworld

We know that summer is yet to officially kick off but we’re already planning an incredible fall excursion. We’re a little late to the news, but we just found out that Chris Perez will be playing on the Selena Quintanilla-themed Como La Flor Cruise. The ship sails on Sept. 25 and will cruise around for a couple of days on the West Coast seas, from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico.

According to the Daily Caller, the cruise is being hosted by a travel agency based in Jacksonville, Florida, but the publication wasn’t able to talk to any of the organizers. They report that Perez was asked on Facebook if he would be a part of the cruise, and he responded by saying, “Just got word back from my people about this cruise,” Perez’s comment reads. “Found out … It’s true guys! See you there. I only wish it was happening sooner …”

The 3-day cruise includes everything a Selena fan would dig from cumbia dancing, contests, pool parties, a full-service casino, trivia, comedy shows, concerts, and Selenaoke — get it? Consider this a floating music festival, where guests will be able to take in an array of live shows by the best Selena cover bands ever.

Some of those in the lineup include the Monica Tribute to Selena, the Como La Flor Band: A Tribute to Selena, Almost Selena, Ernestine Romero y Techno Cumbia, Jessie Marie, Raymond Ray Ray Garcia (Grupo Fuego in the movie “Selena”) and Selena’s Cousin, and our favorite Selenamos. That’s just some of the live entertainment.

The main headliner has to be Grupo Metal featuring Chris Perez. We’re so excited about this performance especially with all the recent legal drama that has gone down between him and the Quintanilla family. We only hope the Quintanilla family doesn’t try to file a lawsuit against Como La Flor Cruise because they seem to be doing that to every Selena independent vendor.

The price of the cruise ranges $1,000 per person to roughly $1300, depending on where you stay on the ship, but it seems worth it, considering the price will include lodging for three days, activities all day long, food, live shows, meet and greets, and a ton more.

While details concerning the cruise’s organizers may be a little sketchy, the trip does sound fun, but be cautious when booking. The site specifically says that no refunds are allowed. Click here for more information.

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