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On May 1st people around the world will be marching and holding rallies all in the name of civil rights — and Selena Quintanilla is going to help you do that.

Cosecha, a new nonviolent movement that launched in 2015 is fighting for the humane and permanent protection of immigrants in the United States, released a Selena cover that is all about striking on May Day. We are simply in love with it!

The group states on their website that on May 1st: “we will not go to work, we will not go to school and we will not buy. We are going to make it clear that this country cannot function without immigrants. This is only the beginning of our fight toward permanent protection, dignity and respect.”

May 1, historically known as International Workers’ Day of May Day, has been recognized as a day to show solidarity for the common man since the 1880’s. This year, because of Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards immigrants and minorities, the gathering is expected to be the largest gathering ever.

“Our movement emerged from a year and a half of strategic planning by immigrant rights and DREAMer organizers who have watched politicians battle for our votes, only to stall legislation year after year,” Cosecha states. “For this reason, Cosecha doesn’t rely on traditional tactics or dance with political parties. Instead, we’re going on the offensive and calling for a series of strikes and boycotts to show that this country cannot function without immigrants.”

This song and video is so empowering, you’ll be dancing and singing “huelga!” in no time.

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