7 Latino Stereotypes that Need to Go Away Already!

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It’s 2018, and we are all for learning to break free of stereotypes, and educating others on who Latinos really are. While some may fall into these categories, as a collective, we are tired of people assuming the following seven stereotypes are truth for all Latinos.

Latinas Are “Spicy,” Curvy Sexpots and All Latinos are “Latin Lovers”

Latinas are people, not hot sauce, so it’s safe to say we are not spicy. This has been a long-held stereotype that is used to describe our appearance, attitude, and apparent bad tempers. Another false hood is that all Latinas are curvy sexpots. Some are skinny, or plus size, or any other body type out there. Then you have the stereotype of the Latin lover, in which all Latino men are good looking, sexy, sexual, have thick accents, and spend their time winning over women.

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