5 Self-Love T-Shirts That Will Inspire the Way You See Yourself

Nicole Grier is changing the fashion game one t-shirt at a time with her empowering messages of self-love

Photo: Instagram/femininefunk

Photo: Instagram/femininefunk

Nicole Grier is changing the fashion game one t-shirt at a time with her empowering messages of self-love. The mother of three is owner of Feminine Funk — an e-commerce fashion site that sells t-shirts that are all about body positivity.

“My dream came true when I saw that there was something lacking in the fashion industry…t-shirts!” Grier writes, “but none that I felt represented me. I am a bigger, humorous, intelligent, vibrant and sexy woman and wanted the world to know so I did what any Funky Feminista would do…I created a T-shirt company!”

There’s one t-shirt that the California native created in particular that is going viral. The t-shirt reads: “She embraced her stretch marks, fell in love with her cellulite, flaunted her rolls and gave zero f*cks what anyone said. And she lived happily ever after. The end.”

The t-shirt came to be after Grier read some very cruel words that she read online.

“Quite honestly it came to be after reading some hurtful comments written under a popular plus-size blogger’s Instagram post, written by a troll of course,” Grier said in an interview with Mic. “I went into deep thought about how harsh people can be and I started to think of how beautiful of a world we would live in if we all decided to embrace the body we were in no matter what it looked like.”

The t-shirt pictured above was born out of that feeling and came to fruition at 1 a.m. Talk about inspiration.

Each item sold on Feminine Funk could easily be framed because the messages are powerful and bold. But how cool is that we can take these statements and parade around for the world to see?

And, yes, these inspiring messages also come in the form of dresses! We’re completely obsessed with this form of expression.

Click here to view more styles by Feminine Funk. Which one is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below!

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