These Are the Latinx Victims of the Odessa and Midland Shootings in Texas

shooting odessa midlandOn Saturday, seven people were shot and killed in Odessa and Midland, Texas during another shooting. As a result, 25 more people were injured, including a 17-month-old toddler.

The shooting began after the gunman fled a traffic stop and began shooting at people while he was driving. Police were able to stop the shooter before he could inflict more harm and kill more people. They shot and killed the shooter in the parking lot of a movie theater in Odessa, according to the New York Times. According to USA Today, the gunman had also previously failed a gun background check, but “authorities have not yet said how he obtained the firearm he used.” Authorities have simply described the weapon he used during the shooting as “AR-style.”

The motive behind why he decided to shoot people in Odessa and Midland is still unclear. Officials are speculating it could have been due to being a disgruntled employee (the gunman had been fired from his job on Saturday morning), mental health issues, and so forth.

Regardless of speculation about his motives, one thing is clear. The gunman’s victims were mainly from the Latinx community.

This is just the latest in a string of mass shootings that have been plaguing the country. We should not be numb to these acts of violence, and we cannot be in denial. According to CBS News, mass shootings are now occurring more than once a day. “As of September 1, which was the 244th day of the year, there have been 283 mass shootings in the U.S.”

As much as these gunmen continue to inflict death, we must not forget the victims. We highlighted the victims in Odessa and Midland so we never forget their names.




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