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Watch How a Sister Surprises Her Little Brother With An Amazing Gift

A tweet about a sister’s love for her little brother has gone viral, simply because a big sis and her generous boyfriend did what her parents couldn’t. A young Latina who goes by Jozlyn on Twitter wrote: “So my little brother wanted 2 go see WWE as his birthday wish and my parents said no because we didn’t have money & he was so devastated that my boyfriend bought 3 tickets the next day & we decided 2 surprise him today. This was his reaction…All thanks to my amazing boyfriend.”


As of today, her video has been retweeted 12,000 times and has almost a million views. We’re certain one of the main reasons this tweet has gone viral is because this woman — and yes, her boyfriend — went above and beyond to make this little guy’s dream come true of seeing his favorite wrestlers live and in person.

WWE tickets can get pretty pricey. While some tickets start at $20, they can range up to a couple of hundred. Twenty bucks might not seem that much for some, but if you’re a hard-working family with a couple of kids, you’d have to get tickets for them all. Not taking the entire family and just one son, would honestly seem kind of cruel. Which is why it’s so cool that Jozlyn’s boyfriend got three tickets for them all to enjoy the event.

And his emotional reaction to this surprise will seriously be with him for the rest of his life. Take it from someone who was surprised as a kid by her big sister to watch her favorite boy band perform live in concert. I still remember that day as one of the coolest things my sister ever did for me. It reminds me of how much she truly loves me. So, we can say with certainty that Jozlyn will be adored even more by her little brother. And you can see she adores him too.