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Afro-Latina Michelle Marie Colón Wins Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021

History was made at the Miss Universe Puerto Rico competition when an Afro-Latina from Loiza was crowned. Afro-Latina pageant competitor Michelle Marie Colón from Loiza won the Miss Universe Puerto Rico competition, marking the first time a non-white woman will...
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Digame: Creative Director Zoila Darton is Dedicated to Empowering the Latinx Community

Virginia Isaad
Digame is a monthly series featuring prominent Latinx leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, and public figures uplifting the community and making a difference. Zoila Darton is a Panamanian-Jamaican Jew from NYC currently living in Los Angeles. She is a passionate innovator, skilled connector...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda Issues Apology for Lack of Afro-Latinx Representation in ‘In The Heights’

Since its release a week ago, the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights has come under fire for a lack of Afro-Latinx representation in the film’s top-billed cast inciting claims of colorism in the Latinx community and in...
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Dominican Actor Jharrel Jerome Receives First-Ever Emmy Nod for ‘When They See Us’

Virginia Isaad
Dominican-American actor Jharrel Jerome received his first-ever Emmy nomination for his role in Ava DuVernay’s Netflix limited series When They See Us.  “I’m going crazy over here. I feel like I’m on a whole other planet right now,” Jerome told The...
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Getty Images Launches Nosotros Collection to Expand Latinx Content

Virginia Isaad
Getty Images, a stock and editorial images provider, launched the Nosotros Collection today with an estimated 15,000 images that counteract the stereotypes and limited portrayals of Latinx. View this post on Instagram We want to uplift the #Latinx voice in...
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‘La Negrada:’ Mexico’s First Fiction Film With An Entirely Black Cast

Johanna Ferreira
“Black Mexicans practically don’t exist,” I remember a Mexican woman defensively telling me once after I had pulled up the stats proving the opposite. Her argument was completely shut down in 2016 when Mexico finally recognized it’s black citizens. Discrimination...