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Nury Martinez Controversy Spotlights Anti-Indigeneity & Racism in Latinx Community

Virginia Isaad
In the wake of the anti-Indigenous and racist comments made by former Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, the impact is still felt within the communities affected. Martinez resigned as president on Monday, Oct. 10, after spending nearly 10...

‘For Brown Girls’ is an Empowering and Healing Memoir for Women of Color

Virginia Isaad
Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez is an immigrant from Nicaragua and a first-gen Vanderbilt University graduate, these identities play a huge role in her journey and in her debut book, For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts. The memoir/guide/educational...

These Afro-Latinx TikTokers Breakdown Afro-Latinidad and History

Virginia Isaad
Afro-Latinxs have a history of marginalization in the U.S. and throughout Latin America that’s often lead to their erasure in history and in their communities. Afro-Latinxs make up such a large portion of the population in parts of Latin America...
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‘Soho Karen’ Saying She’s Puerto Rican Highlights Anti-Blackness in Latinx Culture

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Miya Ponsetto — the woman who has become known across the U.S. as “Soho Karen”–tackled a 14-year-old Black boy to the ground in a New York City hotel lobby in December after accusing him of stealing her iPhone, when in...