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These Afro-Latinx TikTokers Breakdown Afro-Latinidad and History

Virginia Isaad
Afro-Latinxs have a history of marginalization in the U.S. and throughout Latin America that’s often lead to their erasure in history and in their communities. Afro-Latinxs make up such a large portion of the population in parts of Latin America...

12 Historic Afro-Latina Figures You Didn’t Learn About In History Class

It’s no secret, history lessons aren’t as complete as we’ve been taught to believe. Entire nations have been erased, battles and revolts rewritten, and communities left out by design. For Afro-Latinxs, it’s taken a lot of digging to unearth our...
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8 Latin American-Centered Films Directed by Black Women

It’s no secret, the film industry isn’t diverse. From the directors and producers to the characters (with speaking roles) and costume designers, it’s evident in all aspects of the filmmaking process that representation isn’t at the forefront of creation for...