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Lorraine Avila’s Debut Novel Explores Brujería, Afro-Latina Girlhood, & Community

Sofía Aguilar
Afro-Latinx stories remain underrepresented and underappreciated in the Latinx community, the publishing industry, and beyond. Bronx-based Afro-Dominican writer Lorraine Avila might know this better than many. Not only is she unafraid to call out anti-Blackness in Latinidad, but also to place...

10 Latinx YA Novels All About Love You Need to Check Out

Pamela Avila
If there’s anything we can all agree on is that deep down, we’re all suckers for a good ‘ol love story. But like many other things in life, love comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes — and a book...

15 Black Bookstagrammers to Follow For Your Next Read

Pamela Avila
Books can transport us someplace else—offering a much-needed respite from the rest of the world. They can teach us about other people’s joy, hurt, and life experiences, and in doing so, they ultimately change us and change how we view...
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11 Toni Morrison Quotes That’ll Empower and Inspire

Virginia Isaad
Toni Morrison’s works were seminal in African-American literature but the overall impact she’s had on American literature is undeniable and irreplaceable. Morrison, who was 88 years old, died in 2019 of complications from pneumonia, but her legacy and impact live...