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Boricua Omi Hopper is Amplifying Puerto Rican Cuisine on TV

Hearing words like “mofongo” on primetime television is exciting and new and it’s because of Latina chefs like Omi Hopper that are making that visibility happen. Hopper, a Puerto Rico native, is a former makeup artist turned social media cooking...
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Romeo Santos to Produce Film Adaption of Lilliam Rivera’s YA Novel ‘Never Look Back’

Virginia Isaad
Representation in Hollywood for Latinxs remains low but we’re seeing progress and among those exciting projects is the film adaption of Lilliam Rivera‘s 2019 novel Never Look Back. The story is a modern retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus...

My Caribbean-American Heritage Feels Like Home

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Growing up Puerto Rican in an urban area mostly populated by Latinos and Black people, my Boricua identity was deeply ingrained before I even knew where Puerto Rico was on the map. Before I could even talk, my parents taught...

Angel Aviles is “Too Happy to Be a Sad Girl”

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Angel Aviles is a fixture in Latinx pop culture. Her character of Sad Girl in the 1993 cult classic, Mi Vida Loca, repping the tough-as-nails East L.A. chola, has lived on. Although she isn’t acting much these days, Aviles has...