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Rosario Dawson Stars in New ‘La Borinqueña’ Graphic Novel on Climate Change in Puerto Rico

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Actor and activist, Rosario Dawson, has teamed up with award-winning Puerto Rican graphic novelist, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, on a brand-new graphic novel titled, La Borinqueña Guest Starring Rosario Dawson, that is intended to spread awareness about the climate crisis and the...
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First Indigenous Professor at University of Washington to Teach on Climate Change Introductory Course

Virginia Isaad
The University of Washington has hired its first indigenous faculty member to teach an introductory course on climate change. This comes nearly two years after the UW’s graduate school introduced their first indigenous studies program. Dr. Jessica Hernández is a transnational...

Vanessa Hauc & 9 Other Latinx Environmental Activists Who Are Fighting Climate Change

Nicole Young
Whether it’s fighting for climate change or human rights, these 10 Latinx environmental activists are making a big impact within their communities and truly fighting for the future of their generation. Artists like Xiuhtezcatl Martinez are spreading the message through powerful...
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Mexico Sent 100 Firefighters to California to Aid with Wildfires

Virginia Isaad
Wildfires continue to destroy acres of land throughout the state of California and Mexico has generously sent more than 100 firefighters to provide aid. Their Environment Department announced that five teams of 20 qualified, equipped firefighters from Mexico’s national forestry...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Americans to Understand the Urgency of the Green New Deal

Johanna Ferreira
If the 129-second video clip of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going off on conservatives who mocked the Green New Deal wasn’t enough to convince you she’s serious about doing something about climate control — her MSNBC town hall defense certainly would. On...