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Ana Villafañe Set to Star in Biopic About Alina Fernandez, Daughter of Fidel Castro

Sofía Aguilar
Cuban communist leader and dictator Fidel Castro, one of Latin America’s most prominent historical figures, is well known but what do you know about his anti-communist daughter? Alina Fernandez is a Cuban American human rights activist who lived in Cuba...

The Real Story of Rum in the Caribbean & How it Ended Up in Puerto Rico

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
When people think of rum, they instantly think of the Caribbean. They go hand-in-hand and for good reason. Rum which is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane, was invented in the West Indies, which encompass Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic...

14 Taíno Words You Didn’t Even Realize You Knew

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Taíno is an Arawakan language spoken by the Taíno, Ciboney, Lucayan, and Yamaye peoples of what is now Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and across the Caribbean. It was the first Indigenous language encountered by European colonizers, so...
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Trump Administration Imposes New Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Araceli Cruz
If you’d like to know President Donald Trump’s political agenda, it’s a pretty simple strategy: undo everything former President Barack Obama did during his eight-year term. Trump’s latest unraveling against Cuba is no different. The Trump Administration has renewed travel...

6 Tamales From All Over Latin America You Need To Try

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
  WE all love a homemade tamale, most of the time we make them during the Christmas holiday. Making them, buying them, eating way more of them than is probably allowed. We know that several countries make these delectable, packaged...