Cultural Appropriation

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Jen Zeano Designs Claims Knockoff T-Shirts Sold in Department Store

Virginia Isaad
Jen Zeano Designs is a beloved queer-Latina owned small business based in South Texas that designed the “Latina Power” tee and centers their products around Latinx empowerment. They recently learned from their customers that discount department store Ross is selling...

15 Instances Where Indigenous Style Has Been Appropriated and Uncredited

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Whether you understand it fully or not, cultural appropriation is a real thing and a real problem. The Cambridge Dictionary, defines it as “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without...

Designer Works with Indigenous Mexican Artisans to Combat Cultural Appropriation

Virginia Isaad
Judging by viral stories on social media one might think cultural appropriation is a relatively recent problem but indigenous designs in fashion have been plagiarized so often that one Mexican designer is working to give artisans the credit they deserve....

I’m So NOT Here for Curly Hair Being Called a ‘Trend’ Because White Celebs Are Rocking Perms

Yvette Montoya
If you read HipLatina, you know we’re obsessed with honoring all our curly-haired babes and the process to embracing their natural hair texture. So when I saw an article about perms making a come back, I took notice, especially when...