FDA Approves Postpartum Drug But WOC May Not Be Able to Afford It

Araceli Cruz
One of the most significant drawbacks to giving birth has to be the possibility of experiencing postpartum depression. According to the American Psychology Association (APA), 1 in 7 women experience a severe depression that goes beyond the “baby blues.” It’s quite common...

Studies Show That Sexual Assault Can Lead To Long-Term Health Problems

Ever since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came out publicly with her sexual assault allegations against Supreme Judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there’s been a lot of questions around why women remain silent for so many years and how much of an...

It’s Not OK to Joke About, or Make Light of, Mental Illness

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Over the years, we as a society, have gotten better about being sensitive towards others who are different from us. We come up with politically correct words, teach kids (and others) to have compassion and empathy for others, and educate...