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Digame: Colombiana Steffi G is Bringing Disability Inclusion to Beauty & Fashion Industries

Virginia Isaad
Digame is a monthly series featuring prominent Latinx leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, and public figures uplifting the community and making a difference. Steffi Gonzalez, better known as Steffi G, is a 34-year-old beauty and lifestyle content creator who also uses her...
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Colombian Inclusive Model Steffi G is Dedicated to Empowering the Disabled Community

Virginia Isaad
Steffi Gonzalez (@therealsteffig) doesn’t need prayers because she’s disabled all she asks for her is respect and a willingness for people to learn that “disability” is NOT a bad word. In a viral reel, she’s seen coming out of her...
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Comedian Danielle Perez Promotes Disability Visibility and Mental Health

Virginia Isaad
Dominicana Danielle Perez is booked and busy, but not at the expense of her mental health and well-being. The comedian-actor-writer-diva and disability rights activist is stealing scenes and punching out stigma and stereotypes, all while exuding dazzling joy everywhere she...
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Tips for Dating as a Person with Disabilities From Your Disabled Latina Bestie

Virginia Isaad
Andrea Lausell is a queer disabled Boricua & Cubana based in Los Angeles, California. She creates digital content about disability, sex ed, fashion and bringing awareness to her own disability, Spina Bifida. For the past nineteen years of my life...