Dolores Huerta


8 Ways Dolores Huerta Has Made a Difference as a Civil Rights Activist

Nicole Young
Dolores Huerta is a civil rights activist and labor leader who has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of migrant communities in the United States. As a co-founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW) union, Huerta played a...

12 Latin American Civil Rights Leaders and Landmark Moments

Besides the coverage we get during Latinx Heritage Month, these moments in our history are more often than not not covered in U.S. History classes in schools even though Latin-Americans have been a part of the United States for about...

15 Things to Know About Legendary Chicana Activist Dolores Huerta

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Born in Dawson, New Mexico, in 1930, Chicana activist and labor leader Dolores Huerta stood up for farm workers, and in the process fought for POC, Latinxs, women, and all of humanity. Alongside the equally-iconic Chicano activist Cesar Chavez, Huerta...