This is How Accounting Helped Me Build a Six Figure Online Brand as a First-Gen Latina

Alejandra Medina
The world is changing every day as we see it. New opportunities are arising, especially in the job market. Social media and technology have played a big role in this – and creators with accounting and finance backgrounds are not...

Alyssa Reynoso-Morris Talks ‘Plátanos Are Love’ and BIPOC Representation in Publishing

Ashley Mercado
Queer Afro-Latinx and Bronx-native Alyssa Reynoso-Morris is proud of her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots and it’s through her storytelling that she’s celebrating her cultura and community. She recently published Plátanos Are Love, a children’s picture book that centers on a...
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Katelina “La Gata” Eccleston is Amplifying Reggaeton’s Black Voices in ‘Perreo 101’

Ashley Mercado
Katelina “La Gata” Eccleston is an internationally distinguished Black Panamanian social entrepreneur, music historian, and owner of Reggaeton Con La Gata; a platform that serves as the blueprint for being the first femme bilingual platform dedicated to the intersectional analysis...

Loisa Brand is Bringing Authentic Latin Flavors to the Food Industry

Virginia Isaad
In Latin families, cooking is essential for both old and new generations to bond over delicious food in the kitchen and having authentic recipes filled with sabor is arguably the best way to preserve la cultura and family traditions. One...
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Iconic Rapper Trina Opens Up About Being a Boss and Female Empowerment

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
If you grew up listening to rapper Trina in the early 2000s you’re well aware of her music and her influence but you still may not have known that she’s a proud Afro-Dominicana. In fact, quite a few of our...