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Rosario Dawson Stars in New ‘La Borinqueña’ Graphic Novel on Climate Change in Puerto Rico

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Actor and activist, Rosario Dawson, has teamed up with award-winning Puerto Rican graphic novelist, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, on a brand-new graphic novel titled, La Borinqueña Guest Starring Rosario Dawson, that is intended to spread awareness about the climate crisis and the...
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Chinese-Dominican Superhero Joins ‘La Borinqueña’ Graphic Novel Series

Virginia Isaad
We are continuing to see a greater push for representation of diverse stories in the media and we’re excited to see that now we have a new bi-ethnic superhero. Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez started the graphic novel series La Borinqueña in 2016...

New La Borinqueña Exhibit in San Juan, Puerto Rico Aims to Educate & Unite the Diaspora

As soon as I stepped through the door of Chocobar Cortés late in June 2021, I was met by a wall plastered with an image of the indy superhero La Borinqueña, created by Nuyorican graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, it was...