Eva Longoria

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25 Times Eva Longoria-Baston Said What We All Wanted To

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Eva Longoria-Baston’s birthday is on March 15, and we thought, what better time than now to celebrate the Tejana from Corpus Christi, who continuously represents for Latinxs in Hollywood and beyond? Not only does Longoria-Baston serve as a constant reminder...
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Eva Longoria and José Andrés Get Real About Discrimination Against Latinxs in the U.S.

Araceli Cruz
Yesterday in the nation’s capital, advocates of dreamers and immigration reform gathered to speak to lawmakers about issues concerning the Latinx community. The Senate Latino Summit featured notable politics but the real people who brought the conversation into hard-hitting waters...
News and Entertainment

‘Dora the Explorer’ Isn’t Getting Whitewashed: Michael Peña and Eva Longoria Join the Cast

Araceli Cruz
With the box office success of Coco, Black Panther, and Crazy Rich Asians, it’s apparently becoming very clear to Hollywood execs: representation matters and it pays off. Dora the Explorer is the latest film to get cast appropriately by featuring two...

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