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Enough is Enough! My Children Deserve to Feel Safe at School

This morning I sent my kids off to school just minutes after I saw the face of 10-year-old Xavier Lopez on my Facebook news feed as one of the first victims identified in the latest school shooting. It was early...

Digame: Boricua Therapist Natalie Gutierrez Talks BIPOC Trauma & Healing

Virginia Isaad
Latine Natalie Yvette Gutiérrez, LMFT is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist in New York of Puerto Rican heritage. Much of her work is dedicated to providing trauma counseling to Black, Indigenous, and people of color healing from intergenerational trauma...
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Mexican American Country Singer Leah Turner is Shaking up the Music Industry

Virginia Isaad
If there’s a genre in the music industry that’s considered to be one of if not the least diverse it’s country music but singer Leah Turner is hoping to change that. Her mother is a first-generation Mexican American and her...
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Salvadoran American Marcella Arguello Talks Latina Representation in Comedy & New Fuse Series

Sofía Aguilar
Salvadoran American stand-up comedian Marcella Arguello was a force to be reckoned with from childhood. Describing herself as a “class clown” who was always “being silly, being goofy” from day one, Arguello has since headlined and opened for acts in...
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Latinx Parenting Founder Leslie Priscilla is Changing the Narrative With #EndChanclaCulture Movement

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Leslie Priscilla of Latinx Parenting is determined to do her part to stop generational trauma in the Latinx community. The child development specialist and early childhood and parent educator from Santa Ana, California was moved to “be the bridge” between...