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Anti-Immigration Tweets from VP Kamala Harris’ New Communications Director Surface

Political pundit and career Democratic communications aide, Jamal Simmons, was named Vice President Kamala Harris‘ communications director on Thursday, January 6, and not long after, he came under fire for a number of tweets that were perceived as being anti-immigration....
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Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise Assassinated Amid Political Unrest

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Update: A Haitian national was arrested in connection with the murder of President Moise on Sunday, July 12. Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, who was living in Florida but flew to Haiti by private plane early in June, with the intention...
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President Joe Biden’s Diverse Cabinet Includes Four Latinx Members

Virginia Isaad
President Joe Biden’s administration is ushering in one of the most diverse Cabinets in history with the inclusion of Latino members like Xavier Becerra and Isabel Guzman. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump began his presidency with no Latinos in his...
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Bad Bunny, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Ricky Martin Join Mass Puerto Rico Protest

Protests demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló are in their fifth consecutive day and have garnered support from Puerto Rico’s most prominent celebrities. Artists like Bad Bunny, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ricky Martin, Calle 13’s Residente, and others joined Wednesday’s protests...