#ImmigrantHealthHeroes: 12 Stories We Should All Share in Honor of National Nurses Week

We don’t need a special day to say thank you to heroes who have helped so critically in the face of coronavirus–nurses. Today is International Nurses Day and we wanted to take the opportunity to honor and shout out immigrant...

Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Administration Over Changes To Family Planning Program

[article_ad_lb] The Trump administration has been trying to strip funding from Planned Parenthood since Donald Trump took office. It’s something that’s been on Republicans in state legislatures’ agenda for years. But Planned Parenthood is fighting back. The non-profit organization that...

What Matters Most? The Top 2016 Issues Facing Latinos in America

Monica L. Dashwood
  With the assistance of organizations like Voto Latino, Latinos are registering to vote in record numbers. Much speculation is being made about Latinos’ issues of concern during the 2016 election. Presidential candidates pontificate on what they think the Latino...

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