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12 Latinas Who Have Helped Advance Women’s Rights

Latinas are a powerful, resourceful and determined segment of the population, and throughout history, many have fought the good fight to advance women’s rights in the United States and throughout the world, using their unique skills, talents and knowledge. From...

Vanessa Hauc & 9 Other Latinx Environmental Activists Who Are Fighting Climate Change

Nicole Young
Whether it’s fighting for climate change or human rights, these 10 Latinx environmental activists are making a big impact within their communities and truly fighting for the future of their generation. Artists like Xiuhtezcatl Martinez are spreading the message through powerful...
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Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Arrested With Other Women For Protesting ICE

Johanna Ferreira
More than 2,000 women gathered at the Women’s March on Thursday in Washington D.C. to protest the Trump administration’s family-separation of immigrant families at the border and zero-tolerance policy. Close to 600 women were arrested for “mass civil disobedience.” Among...
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Hundreds Protest on Father’s Day Against Immigrant Families Being Separated at The Border

Johanna Ferreira
A new tragic border patrol story circulates every day, ever since the Trump administration launched their cruel zero-tolerance policy for crossing the border illegally. Many have weighed in including politicians—even Melania Trump—and most agree that separating thousands of families at...
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This Woman Had The Perfect Response When Border Patrol Officers Boarded Her Greyhound Bus

Yvette Montoya
Updated Friday, June 15 2018 We hear the word ally thrown around a lot but what does it really mean to be an ally in a time when people are actually turning in their neighbors, delivery people, and parents dropping...
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Jeff Sessions Just Made It Harder For Domestic Violence Victims To Seek Asylum

Johanna Ferreira
If you thought the dark days were over—think again. The Trump administration is stilling going above and beyond to make things harder for marginalized groups—women and immigrants especially. In fact, a recent move by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions could reverse...