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The Immigrant Experience and the Effects of Intergenerational Trauma

Virginia Isaad
Dr. Lisette Sanchez is a bilingual licensed psychologist and founder of Calathea Wellness, a virtual practice providing individual therapy in California. She has a passion for working with BIPOC folxs and first-generation professionals. The immigration experience is often a traumatic one. We...
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7 Real Ways To Help In The Effort To Reunite Immigrant Families

Priscilla Blossom
Immigrant families in the U.S. have always suffered in numerous ways. The simple act of having to flee your home and homeland, of starting over in a new country where you might not even speak the common language, is hard...
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Mom Is Finally Reunited With Daughter, 55 Days After Being Separated at the Border

Araceli Cruz
Now that the Trump Administration has been forced to reunite families that have been separated at the border, we’re finally seeing heartbreaking videos of families seeing their children for the very first time. Angelica Gonzalez-Garcia, a 31-year-old mother from Guatemala,...
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Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Arrested With Other Women For Protesting ICE

Johanna Ferreira
More than 2,000 women gathered at the Women’s March on Thursday in Washington D.C. to protest the Trump administration’s family-separation of immigrant families at the border and zero-tolerance policy. Close to 600 women were arrested for “mass civil disobedience.” Among...