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Yalitza Aparicio Defends Choice to Wear Designer Clothes as Indigenous Woman

Sofía Aguilar
Indigenous peoples everywhere have faced microaggressions and criticism from non-natives for centuries but actress Yalitza Aparicio has been at the forefront since her acting debut in the Oscar-nominated 2018 film Roma. The daughter of Indigenous parents from the Mixtec and...
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Yalitza Aparicio is in Mexico Filming Her First Movie Since ‘Roma’

Virginia Isaad
Indigenous Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio hit it big with her first role in Roma and now, three years later, she’s starring in her second feature film. Aparicio is working on Presences (Presencias), a horror film co-starring Damián Alcázar and directed by Mexican...
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‘Roma’ Was Great, But We Still Need More Indigenous Voices In Hollywood

Priscilla Blossom
There’s been a lot of buzz around the 2018 film Roma, and for good reason. Alfonso Cuarón’s homage to the housekeeper who tended to his own childhood home is a story rarely told. It speaks to the experience not only...