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9 Films About Indigenous LATAM History You Need to Watch

Sofía Aguilar
It’s Native American Heritage Month and while we should always be uplifting Indigenous voices, this is a dedicated time of the year for all of us to educate ourselves about the land we’re currently occupying and its original Indigenous occupants...

11 Books to Understand the Indigenous History of LATAM

Sofía Aguilar
Every November, we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, a month-long recognition of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas who are given a platform to share their cultures, traditions, literature, and more. While we should be supporting Indigenous people all year...

30 Things You May Not Know About the Indigenous Cultures of Latin America

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Indigenous culture is important, and often ignored part of Latinx identity. There are foods we eat, words we speak, and customs we follow to this day that we don’t even know are Native American in origin. While it is hard...