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12 Latinas Who Have Helped Advance Women’s Rights

Latinas are a powerful, resourceful and determined segment of the population, and throughout history, many have fought the good fight to advance women’s rights in the United States and throughout the world, using their unique skills, talents and knowledge. From...

10 Empowering Latina Characters in Literature You Need to Know

Sofía Aguilar
Today March 8, otherwise known as International Women’s Day, is a day during Women’s History Month for all of us to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and current female change-makers all over the world. But growing up, we...

8 Books by WOC to Read During Women’s History Month

Pamela Avila
Reading books about women who have challenged the status quo, redefined womanhood on their own terms, have challenged mainstream feminism, and ultimately, affected change within their own communities, should be something we all do year-round. But this Women’s History Month,...