Latin American History


The Real Story of Rum in the Caribbean & How it Ended Up in Puerto Rico

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
When people think of rum, they instantly think of the Caribbean. They go hand-in-hand and for good reason. Rum which is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane, was invented in the West Indies, which encompass Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic...

9 Badass Female Liberators of Latin America

Bill O’Connor
If you’re taking a trip to the 19th century and thinking about Latin American independence movements, there might be a particular stereotypical image that comes to mind. Valiant soldiers on horses, politicians in stuffy 19th century attire, and those hairstyles...
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Repertorio Español’s “En El Nombre de Salomé” Shows that the Past is Also Female

Bill O’Connor
Back in September, we kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with Repertorio Español’s opening of the reggaeton inspired musical, “La canción.” They invited us back this February for their current headlining play—“En El Nombre de Salomé.” Adapted from Julia Alvarez’s novel...