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Alexa Grasso is the First Mexican-Born Woman to Become UFC Champion

Sofía Aguilar
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which specializes in mixed martial arts, has famously been a male-dominated sport but this weekend a Latina made history. UFC athlete Alexa Grasso, who is originally from Guadalajara, made headlines for being the first Mexican-born woman...
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Teen Jocelyn Camarillo Wins 2021 USA Boxing National Championship

Virginia Isaad
High school senior Jocelyn Camarillo, 17, ended 2021 on a high note and now she’s inspiring other Latinas to pursue their dreams. The teen from Indio, California in Coachella Valley won the championship title at the 2021 USA Boxing National...
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World Champion Boxer Marlen Esparza Talks Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Latinx Community

Virginia Isaad
Seeking help for mental illness remains stigmatized in the Latinx community and part of the work that needs to happen to dismantle that is actually talking about mental health. During the panel discussion, “Wellness from Within,” for the L’Attitude 4-day...
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Rebeca Andrade is First Brazilian Woman to Win Artistic Gymnastics Gold

Brazilian gymnast Rebeca Andrade made history at the Tokyo Olympics for the second time on August 1, when she won gold in the women’s artistic gymnastics vault final. Rebeca’s win marks the first time anyone from her country has won...
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8 Things To Know About The Latina Boston Marathon Winner Desiree Linden

Johanna Ferreira
It had been over three decades since an American woman won the Boston Marathon but that all changed on Monday, April 16 when Desiree Linden — a Latina by the way — made history by becoming the first American woman...