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11 Iconic Latina Poets Whose Work Everyone Needs to Read

Nicole Young
 The world of poetry has been shaped and enriched by the contributions of countless Latina poets. These writers, with diverse experiences, have left an indelible mark on literature that continues to reverberate decades later. From the mystical and philosophical works...
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Elizabeth Acevedo Features Afro-Dominican Fierceness in New Book Art

Virginia Isaad
Elizabeth Acevedo is a powerful writer and her books are masterfully done. Part of why readers gravitate to Acevedo is because she makes us feel seen and her latest book cover once again beautifully represents Afro-Latinidad. The Afro-Dominican writer just...
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Dominican Author Elizabeth Acevedo Becomes First Writer of Color to Win The Carnegie Medal

Virginia Isaad
Slam poet and author Elizabeth Acevedo made history when she won the prestigious Carnegie Medal for her debut The Poet X. The British literary award goes to an outstanding English-language book for children or young adults and this is the...