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Being a First Gen Latina in College Was Isolating But It Made Me Stronger

Virginia Isaad
Dr. Lisette Sanchez is a bilingual licensed psychologist and founder of Calathea Wellness, a virtual practice providing individual therapy in California. She has a passion for working with BIPOC folxs and first-generation professionals. “Tu madre está mal y es tu culpa.” These...

What I Learned as a Latina First-Gen Student at a Liberal Arts College

Sofía Aguilar
When I think about the education I received throughout my life, I consider myself an incredibly lucky first gen Latina. From childhood on, I jumped between a number of private and public schools that each prepared me in some way...
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Mexican American is First Latina President of Harvard Law Review

Sofía Aguilar
There are few things more exciting than Latinas getting their place at the table in higher academia. Especially at Ivy League schools like Harvard University where the system continues to favor white students from upper-class backgrounds. Despite these barriers, Mexican-American...