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Dascha Polanco Calls ‘In the Heights’ a Celebration of Latinx Culture

Virginia Isaad
Latinx representation remains limited in film and television but the upcoming film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s play In the Heights is a true celebration of Latin American culture. The musical centers around Dominican bodega owner, Usnavi (played by Puerto Rican...
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10 Films Directed by Latinas to Watch for Women’s History Month

It still absolutely boggles our minds that Latinos make up such a significant percentage of the U.S. population, yet we continue to be so grossly under-represented in the world of television and movies.  Latinx actors are routinely looked over even...
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Puerto Rican Director Ángel Manuel Soto Will Direct Blue Beetle, the First Latino Superhero Movie

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
When new broke that Disney was releasing Encanto, a film about a family in Colombia, it felt like a major step toward better representation. Now we can add Latinx superheroes to the mix with the recent announcement that actress Sasha...