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Gina Rodriguez Executive Producing Netflix Adaptation of ‘Princess Of South Beach’

Sofía Aguilar
If you’re a fan of the telenovela podcast Princess of South Beach or telenovelas in general, get your hearts ready. Gina Rodriguez, who currently stars in the new acclaimed ABC series Not Dead Yet, is confirmed to be executive producing a television...
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Nine Latinx Podcast Episodes About Identity You Need to Listen to

Nicole Young
With the start of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month comes the inevitable conversations about our identities and culture. Going through social media can sometimes feel overwhelming but thankfully there are whole podcasts episodes dedicated to these topics. Longtime Latinx podcast favorites like...
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‘Anything for Selena’ Podcast is a Deep Dive into Selena’s Cultural Impact

Virginia Isaad
Selena’s legacy goes beyond her music, she was one of the most prominent and successful Latinas in entertainment and she is a symbol of dual identities as a Mexican-American who crossed over to the U.S. While many of us were...