Native American


30 Things You May Not Know About the Indigenous Cultures of Latin America

Indigenous culture is important, and often ignored part of Latinx identity. There are foods we eat, words we speak, and customs we follow to this day that we don’t even know are Native American in origin. While it is hard...

15 Indigenous Organizations You Can Give Back to for Thanksgiving

November is rightfully Native American Heritage Month, a.k.a. Native American Indian Heritage Month. Instead of buying into the lie that is the “Thanksgiving story,” we invite you to take this month to learn more about Native Americans, their history and...
News and Entertainment

8 Things to Know About the Indigenous Peoples March in D.C.

It’s a new year, which means renewed motivation to make change happen for those who need it most. We are not going to stand idly around while Americans and those wishing to become Americans are suffering severe injustices. Our indigenous...

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