11 Iconic Latina Poets Whose Work Everyone Needs to Read

Nicole Young
 The world of poetry has been shaped and enriched by the contributions of countless Latina poets. These writers, with diverse experiences, have left an indelible mark on literature that continues to reverberate decades later. From the mystical and philosophical works...
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Poetry Foundation Honors Poets Sandra Cisneros and Elizabeth Acevedo

Sofía Aguilar
Dominican American writer Elizabeth Acevedo made history when she won the prestigious Carnegie Medal for her debut The Poet X as the first woman of color to win the prize in its 83-year history. The British literary award goes to...
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Ada Limón is First Chicana Poet to be Named U.S. Poet Laureate

Sofía Aguilar
The writing and publishing industries have always been a white man’s game, which is why it’s so great to see Latinas still making strides—not to mention making history. In 2021, Natalie Diaz became the first Latina poet to win the...

7 Must-Read Books Written by Latin-American Immigrants

Laysha Macedo
It is Immigrant Heritage Month and an important part of recognizing and celebrating this month is uplifting the voices and perspectives of Latinx immigrants. In an industry where Latinx writers are not widely published, reading works like these is a...

7 Latina Poets Amplifying Latinidad that You Need to Read Right Now

Pamela Avila
Poetry has the ability to challenge the status quo, to help its readers make sense of the world and their humanity, and ultimately, poetry changes the world we live in and how we view it. Latin American poets through the...

Yesika Salgado Talks Love, Loss, and Gentrification in New Poetry Book

Virginia Isaad
Yesika Salgado‘s signature curls, bold lipstick, and acrylic nails exude confidence and when she felt lost and frustrated while developing her latest poetry collection, she let that persona shine through. The Los Angeles writer attributes the direction of her latest...