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White Professor, Writer, and Activist Jessica Krug Pretended to be Afro-Latina for Years

Virginia Isaad
Professor Jessica A. Krug is giving everyone flashbacks to the Rachel Dolezal  “transracial” controversy after confessing that she’s spent her entire career pretending to be Afro-Latina in a post entitled “The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies.” Krug...
Culture Lifestyle

NoNieqa Ramos’ Novel Features a Queer, Puerto Rican Teen with PTSD

Virginia Isaad
At 15 years old Verdad de la Reyna embarks on a journey toward wokeness after experiencing life as a marginalized woman of color, forcing her to address her internalized prejudices before she can heal from her trauma. The layers that...
News and Entertainment

La Borinqueña Joins Superheroes Exhibit at the Smithsonian

Virginia Isaad
Puerto Rican comic book superhero La Borinqueña’s costume was added to the Superheroes exhibition at The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. this month. Puerto Rican graphic novelist and Marvel writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez created the comic book character in 2016 and she made...

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