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The Economic Impact on Women if Roe v. Wade is Overturned

Virginia Isaad
Kara Pérez is the founder of Bravely Go, a financial platform focused on feminist economics and inclusive personal finance. When Politico leaked the Supreme Court document stating plans to overturn abortion rights,  my stomach dropped. It showed that Roe v Wade, the landmark...
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Abortion Bans Affect Anyone Who Is Capable of Becoming Pregnant

Johanna Ferreira
By now, your news cycle and social media feed have likely been inundated by Alabama’s bill to completely ban abortions. Other states such as Utah, Georgia, and Ohio have passed “heartbeat” bills, which prohibits abortion after 6-8 week marks, which...

7 Pro-Choice Organizations to Support in Latin America

Priscilla Blossom
Pro-choice organizations provide a number of important services worldwide. While their work is important and necessary here in the states, it’s even more vital in Latin America, where abortion is often difficult to obtain and frequently illegal. Six countries in...

Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Administration Over Changes To Family Planning Program

Johanna Ferreira
The Trump administration has been trying to strip funding from Planned Parenthood since Donald Trump took office. It’s something that’s been on Republicans in state legislatures’ agenda for years. But Planned Parenthood is fighting back. The non-profit organization that provides...
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Why Being Outspoken About Abortion Rights As a Latina Is Important

Priscilla Blossom
[article_ad_lb] It seems like every day you hear about new legislation trying to regulate our reproductive rights. Many members of congress don’t seem to understand how important abortion rights actually are, and toy around with us by making it more...