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‘Father of the Bride’ is Most-Watched Original Movie on HBO Max

Virginia Isaad
The latest remake of Father of the Bride starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan is officially HBO Max’s biggest movie premiere for an original film for the streaming service, Deadline exclusively reported. But its success wasn’t just in the U.S.,...
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DACA 10th Anniversary: How It Started & Where It is Now

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Today is the 10th anniversary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and it should feel monumental, but for many immigrants, the uncertainty today is greater than ever. DACA was created in 2012 when President Barack Obama took executive action...
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Jennifer Lopez to Help Provide $14 Billion in Loans for Latina Entrepreneurs by 2030

Virginia Isaad
We all know Jennifer Lopez as an actress and singer but she’s also a businesswoman including her  skincare line, JLo Beauty and now she’s giving back to help fellow entrepreneurs. She teamed up with Grameen America, a New York City-based...

10 Products from LGBTQIA+ Latinx Companies You Need

While Pride Month makes it “trendy” to support LGBTQIA+ companies, it’s important to show that support all year long. It brings us joy to see that beautiful rainbow flag splashed everywhere during the month of June and the rest of the...
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‘Gordita Chronicles’ Follows a Dominican Family Living in Miami

Virginia Isaad
Since Gordita Chronicles was announced a year ago we’ve been excitedly awaiting the premiere of the series created, written, and co-produced by Claudia Forestieri, and now the wait is over. The trailer for the coming-of-age series is out now and...
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Enough is Enough! My Children Deserve to Feel Safe at School

This morning I sent my kids off to school just minutes after I saw the face of 10-year-old Xavier Lopez on my Facebook news feed as one of the first victims identified in the latest school shooting. It was early...