Photos: Twitter/gonzfatherr & Twitter/urchicahanna

This Texas Teen Found Her Preschool Crush In the Craziest Way

Hanna De Castro never thought in a million years that she’d reunite with her preschool crush through social media. Sure, social media platforms such as Facebook helps you look for people you used to know — that’s what’s it’s built for. But rarely does it happen on Twitter, or, better yet, through a viral tweet.

The 17-year-old from Houston, Texas, did what many of us do everyday: she posted a hilarious throwback, but the difference here is that the tweet went viral. And you can clearly see why:

This tweet that she posted last week was all the craze, and for good reason! It’s completely hysterical and also very relatable. So many Latinos (or people adjusting to new customs) have gone through similar situations like this.

So…this tweet was written about everywhere. People from all walks of life were tweeting at Hanna, but one person in particular caught her eye.

David Gonzales, a preschool classmate reconnected with Hanna through this viral tweet, and let’s just say they had a long history.


Photo: Twitter/gonzfatherr & Twitter/urchicahanna

Imagine being reunited with your childhood crush?!? It’s like something out of a movie. Then David posted his own throwback…

Yes, that’s David and Hanna!

Hanna tells Elite Daily about the insane reconnection.

“Yes! I was very surprised since I wasn’t expecting that to happen,” She told Elite Daily. “We sadly lost touch when we moved to different kindergartens.”

She also said that the two messaged each other to catch up, and are setting up a preschool reunion! Who does that? People who obviously want to hang out again.

The coolest part about this whole story is that it’s like the entire world was following right along with them. It was like a Twitter love story in real time!


Amazing! But in all seriousness, it’s kinda nuts when you think about how much stuff we post every single day and you never know who will end up reading it.