Thousands Unite for May Day to Support Immigrants and Working Class

May Day, a historic day in support of workers that is honored worldwide, is expected to be a huge turnout this year and it’s all about showing solidarity for immigrants in the United States. While some say that thousands will hit the streets to show President Donald Trump that immigrants are an essential part of this country, the exact figure can’t obviously be known just yet. However, one glimpse on social media clearly shows that events will be taking place across in our nation and around the world.

But first, here’s a little refresher on the significance of May Day.

So if you’re not sure where to go yet, there’s still time to mobilize yourself and show immigrants that you care. Here’s some of the events taking place in a city near you.

New York City

Washington, DC

Los Angeles


Raleigh, North Carolina



Richmond, Virginia

Click here for more information on #MayDay2017.




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