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7 Healthy and Delish Turmeric Recipes to Spice Things Up in Your Life

Turmeric is the spice you need to be using in your diet on the regular – if you’re not already! Over the past couple of years, the spice that’s common in Indian cuisine, has been getting a lot of buzz because of it’s many health benefits.

In turmeric there’s an active ingredient called curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic properties. Some studies have shown it helps slow the growth of cancer cells. However nothing has conclusively shown that curcumin can stop or prevent cancer and research is ongoing.

Absorbing curcumin in turmeric can be hard for the body, so dietitians recommend pairing turmeric with black pepper and/or coconut oil. Here are seven recipes with turmeric you can add into your diet to start reaping all the benefits of this super spice.

Turmeric Golden Milk Popsicles

Give your immune system a boost and cool off on a hot day with these yummy popsicles. Recipe here.

Turmeric Iced Masala Tea

On those days when you need a refreshing, flavorful drink, this option will do the trick. Recipe here.

Golden Goddess (Turmeric) Hummus

Skip the basic hummus at your next dinner party and take things up a notch with this turmeric hummus. Recipe here.

Turmeric Carrot Muffins with Chia and Coconut

Muffins are perfect snacks for on-the-go. These little guys are packed with nutrients and are nut and sugar-free. Recipe here.

Golden Milk Turmeric Tea

To whip up this delicious and comforting anti-inflammatory tea, you’ll need to make turmeric paste beforehand. It’ll take you five minutes, last about two weeks, and is totally worth it. Recipe for tea and paste here.

Mango Turmeric Sherbert

This recipe proves you can have your dessert and get your vitamins in too. Recipe here.

Cauliflower Soup with Coconut, Turmeric, and Lime

For those days when you need something that feels good for the soul, this will do! Recipe here.