Vallarta Supermarkets Is Awarding $110,000 Toward Latino Scholarships

[article_ad_lb] A California company is paying it forward to the community that supports them the most

Photo: Unplash/@nathaliarosa

Photo: Unplash/@nathaliarosa


A California company is paying it forward to the community that supports them the most. Vallarta Supermarkets, which has about 50 stores throughout different counties in California, is giving $110,000 that will go towards scholarships for Latino students. 

“Given our company’s immigrant roots, we recognize the importance of family, hard work and education. Consequently, we made a decision to contribute $110,000 toward scholarships for Latino students,” Rick Castillo, Marketing Director of Vallarta Supermarkets, said in a statement. “Many of our customers came to this country seeking the American Dream of a better life for themselves and their families.  We want to help our customers obtain that dream.”

A majority of their stores are in grained in the Latino community, including in Los AngelesVenturaSan BernardinoKernSan DiegoSanta BarbaraTulareOrange and Fresno counties, and provide them with their daily sustenance. It’s so amazing to see a company that gets fully supported by Latinos also get that support in return.

Vallarta Supermarkets is owned by the Gonzalez family and employ more than 8,000 people.

“We will be using multiple platforms to inform our customers of our scholarship contributions in local markets including: Vallarta Supermarket’s website, social media, and employee briefings,” Castillo continued. “We hope our customers will take advantage of this wonderful educational opportunity.”

Here’s how the money will be distributed:

  • The Hispanic Education Foundation – $10,000
  • Fresno Unified School District – $10,000
  • Oxnard Community College – $10,000
  • Youth Leaders Education Foundation – $10,000
  • Hancock College – $10,000
  • Southwestern Community College –  $10,000
  • Antelope Valley College – $15,000
  • Victor Valley College – $10,000
  • TELACU Education Foundation – $25,000


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