7 Skin Care Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Dermatologist

During the winter months we all have some pesky skin issues. Fortunately, we got a chance to ask Dove dermatologist and Latina beauty expert, Dr. Alicia Barba, answer some popular questions dermatologists often get from their patients (and even those questions you’re afraid to ask).

My ingrown hair has become inflamed and painful, what should I do?

Many of my clients come in with painful cysts or infections that started from an ingrown hair. Inflammation and infection from ingrown hairs are not uncommon. But by the time someone comes to see me with an ingrown hair, there’s a problem because it’s not just how it looks, but it can be very painful and lead to bigger problems that require a doctor’s visit. I would not recommend trying to remove the ingrown hair on your own, as it can cause scarring and discoloration on your skin. Get in to your dermatologist who has the right treatments and tools needed to fix it properly.




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