10 States in The U.S. That Were Once A Part of Mexico


Photo: US Census Bureau/The Economist

Our Native American brothers and sisters are the only people who can truly claim the United States was their original land. Nonetheless, it’s important to look at what parts of the country were once in Mexican hands because that same land now has states that are very anti-immigration, which is ironic, to say the least. Many ignorant people are telling immigrants, especially Mexicans, to “Go back to their country,” when states like Texas, Arizona, and California were actually once their country. If anything, they’re returning to what was part of their homeland.

In an effort to educate the masses, so that we can better understand history, understand each other, and erase ignorance, we thought it was important to look back and see exactly which states used to be Mexico that the country was forced to concede to the United States. Some of them will definitely shock you!




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