11 Mexican Blankets & Cobijas That You’ll Want to Curl Up In

It’s getting cold outside, and nothing makes us feel cozier and protected from the elements than a thick, chunky Mexican cobija — especially after the year we’ve all had! It’s not just about the warm cuddle factor; these blankets also wrap us up in soothing nostalgia

Photo: @beautybynaty/Instagram

Photo: @beautybynaty/Instagram

It’s getting cold outside, and nothing makes us feel cozier and protected from the elements than a thick, chunky Mexican cobija — especially after the year we’ve all had! It’s not just about the warm cuddle factor; these blankets also wrap us up in soothing nostalgia. They bring to mind a mother’s love, feeling protected from the common cold or a chilly night, and Latinx culture. Cobijas San Marcos, serapes, and even imitations of the former, known as Korean mink blankets, have been living under our bedspreads in bold stripes, fun colors, and instantly recognizable designs like tigers, roses, and La Virgen de Guadalupe, for decades.

As we all know, you can never have just one Mexican blanket. You need one for the bed, one for lounging on the couch, a couple for guests. You’ll want to give your fave a break, so why not try out some cool new ones with your favorite Latinx icon on it?! These Mexican blankets are part of our lives and part of our pop culture. So, for the winter months (and por vida), we found some cozy cobijas that you’ll want to buy, like ahora.

Hiyoko Tigers Animal Mink Blanket

Photo: @home-in-style/eBay

This wouldn’t be an accurate article on Mexican blankets if we didn’t have a velvety version emblazoned with a wild tiger on it. Tigers and cobijas Mexicanas go hand in hand. This one, available on eBay, has two big cats on it.

Available at ebay.com, $42.95


Mink Plush Fleece Blanket

Photo: Jin Mai Lin/Walmart

Another popular print or pattern you will see on Mexican cobijas is large, detailed roses. The same goes for Korean mink blankets, which are imitations of the OG cobijas San Marcos produced between 1974 and 2004. This plush blanket, available in other colors and styles, is in full bloom with these oversized flowers.

Available at walmart.com, $37.99


Mexican Mercado Multicolored Striped Xtra Large Blanket

Photo: @mexicanmercado/Etsy

Serapes, also known as Saltillo blankets, were woven and worn by the Aztecs back in the 1500s. These colorful, patterned, handwoven textiles have lived on since, bringing vibrancy, culture, and warmth to millions of households. This multicolored serape, from Mexican Mercado, is the real deal, hecho en Mexico.

Available at etsy.com, $29


La Montana Tan Solid Heavyweight Mexican Blanket

Photo: Mexican Blankets

You may want the warm comfort of a Mexican blanket but not want the bright colors and bold patterns. Luckily, there are plenty of neutral options to choose from, like this La Montana solid tan heavyweight cobija from Mexican blankets. It goes with everything and will look fab draped over a couch or bed.

Available at mexicanblankets.com, $15.99


Petra de Luna Chinanteco Tribal Blanket

Photo: Petra de Luna

Another Mexican blanket that will go with everything is this geometric Chinanteco tribal blanket by Petra de Luna. Handloomed in Mexico from recycled materials and available in different colorways, it pays homage to Indigenous Chinantec patterns.

Available at petradeluna.com, $75


Linen Plus Soft Mink King Size Blanket 9 lbs

Photo: Linen Club/Walmart

There’s a Mexican-style blanket for you and your style if you know where to look. Want a more geometric, ’80s Art Deco design? Neutral colors arranged uniquely? Something different? This cool “mink” blanket by Linen Plus is for you.

Available at walmart.com, $56.99


La Montana Teal, Terra Cotta, and Gold Mexican Blanket

Photo: Mexican Blankets

The good thing about serape blankets, aside from being a historical symbol of Mexican culture and oh so cozy, is that they come in all sorts of colorways, which means you can find something that will go well with your current decor. This La Montana cobija, from Mexican Blankets, gives off a Southwestern vibe in warm gold, terracotta, and teal.

Available at mexicanblankets.com, $12.99


Virgin Mary Mink Blanket

Photo: @home-in-style/eBay

It is well known that Latinxs wear their faith on their sleeve and on their neck, as well as in their home. Chances are, you have something with La Virgen de Guadalupe on it, whether it be jewelry, a candle, or home decor. This is why it’s no surprise that La Virgen is front and center on many Mexican blankets, like this one from home-in-style.

Available at ebay.com, $42.95


Canyon Creek Mexican Blanket

Photo: Canyon Creek/Walmart

Sometimes you want the classics. The OG colorways, the tried-and-true fabrics, the unmistakable style. That’s why we had to include this classic grey serape from Canyon Creek in this cobija roundup.

Available at walmart.com, $13.99


Frida Kahlo Throw with Sherpa Blanket (Purple)

Photo: Frida Kahlo/Amazon

Us Latinxs want our superstars where we can see them–everywhere. Timeless sources of orgullo Latino are seen on everything from coffee mugs to earrings. And Mexican blankets. This colorful homage to one of the biggest artists of all time — Frida Kahlo — begs to become front and center in any Latinx home.

Available at amazon.com, $29.99


Selena Throw Blanket

Photo: Q Productions

Imagine if two major Chicanx icons were united to create one dope product. This is exactly what happened when Q Productions created this Mexican blanket featuring Tejana icon and legend Selena. Her image is huge on this cozy cobija, underlined by her classic signature. Now you have something awesome to wrap yourself in while watching endless Selena YouTube videos on the couch.

Available at q-productions.com, $25.50

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