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10 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Capture Latino Thanksgiving

Social media might has it’s con but if there’s one thing we definitely appreciate about it—Instagram especially—it’s the hysterical memes that come out of it. In fact, some of the best memes to come out of the internet have been inspired by Latino Thanksgiving. Our memes don’t just capture our Thanksgiving but show how lit they really can be. Here are a few Latino Thanksgiving memes we gathered that will have you and your family rolling!

First of all, we don’t just eat turkey.

Even if we actually have turkey—there’s ALWAYS pernil around.

We dress up—and what?

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Even if it’s just to sit at our family’s sala with a large plato of food—we’re still dressing to the nines because that’s how we do.

We can be very extra with the side dishes.

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Basically every Latino party dish you could imagine will be there and we’re talking enough food to last for days.

It might get loud.

But that’s just how we talk when we’re happy to see each other.

Latina moms might embarrass you.

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But don’t get mad at them. They always mean well.

You’ll take selfies with everyone.


Even that vain cousin you secretly don’t like.

You will eat late.

Don’t expect to eat anytime before 9pm and if you get to eat at 9pm—consider yourself lucky.

Games will be played.

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If you’re Mexican chances are it will be Lotería and if you’re Dominican, Puerto Rican or Cuban—there will be Dominoes!

People will get lit.

Because there’s always plenty of booze at Latino Thanksgiving dinners—coquito included!

The youth have learned to come prepared to answer the same annoying questions.


Because they know they’ll be asked if they have a boyfriend, if they have a new job and why haven’t they lost weight.

Dominicans will have platanos.

We’re talking everything from platano maduro, tostones, pasteles, arroz con guadunles, pernil—it will all be there and more.