11 Spanish Songs to Blast When You’re Going Through a Breakup

Breakups will have you going through the entire gamut of emotions. As with all facets of life, the end of a romantic relationship is made easier by the soothing songs of those who have been through it already. So sit back, grab the tissue, and sing along at high volume.

“Ese Hombre,” by La India

“Ese Hombre” was originally recorded by Rocío Jurado in 1979, but in the ‘90s, La India took the song, gave it that salsa flavor, and made it hers. This song is the best jam for basically telling off a man who was no good.

Es un gran necio

Un estúpido engreído

Egoísta y caprichoso

Un payaso vanidoso

Inconsciente y presumido

Falso malo rencoroso

Que no tiene corazón




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